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Guide to Fetish

Guide to BDSM: Get Familiar With The Terms & Accessories

Guide to BDSM: Get Familiar With The Terms & Accessories

Before you dive into the world of BDSM play, it is important to become familiar with all of the terms and some of the bondage accessories that you will encounter. This glossary of terms is intended to help you navigate through your kinky journey with a quick guide to what you need to know.

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  • Oompa Loompa Dickity Blue - Blueberry Fetish

    Oompa Loompa Dickity Blue - Blueberry Fetish

    Blueberry fetish is a subcategory of inflation, feeding, expansion, BDSM, enclosure, and possibly a few others. Inflation is a widely known fetish expressed by the expansion of body parts. Enthusiasts are drawn to the transformation from smaller to larger. This transformation can be the result of being pumped with air, water, or food. In some cases, enemas are preferred when filling the inflatee with water.
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  • What is Findom?

    What is Findom?

    Findom isn’t at all like a sugar baby arrangement, although from the outside looking in, it could be seen as such. In any case, the basic understanding is that in exchange for money, the sugar baby agrees to spend time with their benefactor. 
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  • Pumped for Pride (Gay BDSM) - Lux Fetish Blog

    Pumped for Pride (Gay BDSM)

    Are you getting pumped for Pride? As we get suited and booted in our leathery (or feathery) best, let’s take our kink to the sheets with some of our fave ways to get it on till the break of dawn. When you’re both mutuals with Dorothy, kink can be a little different. Whether you’re a bearded baddie with a panache for paddling or a power sub in service to a cub, we break down some of the most highly ranked kinky hanky panky in our community!
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  • Lux Fetish - Double Stuffin' the Muffin, Guide to Double Vaginal Penetration

    Complete Guide on How to do Double Vaginal Penetration

    Double vaginal penetration is exactly what it sounds like: penetrating a vaginal with two penises, a penis and a dildo, or two dildos. And while filling your muffin with all the stuffin’ you can stuff in, there are a few steps you need to take first to make sure a good time is had by all. When done right, a great romp that makes a good story is the result. After all, anyone who even hears of double vaginal penetration is immediately intrigued, whether they want to try it or not.
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  • Politely Prodded: Bondage and BDSM Dungeon Etiquette - Guide to Fetish, a blog by Lux Fetish

    Proper Etiquette in a BDSM Dungeon: The Do's & Dont's

    So you’ve been invited to a munch and you know that you’re being vetted for a private play party, but the dungeon master just checked you for gawking at a scene without consent and there’s no alcohol to soothe your nerves. What is even happening? Not only are you just barely familiar with those words, but you’ve been there for 10 minutes and you’re already overwhelmed. What are the rules? What do you do? What should you not do? Preparation is key, and we’re here to help. 

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  • March Fetish of the Month: Mirror Play - Guide to Fetish, a blog by Lux Fetish

    Katoptronophilia: How to Turn Yourself on from Mirror Play

    Katoptronophilia is a fetish for mirrors, but more specifically, mirrors that are focused on you… while you are doing the nasty to yourself or others. Christian Bale introduced this visual to the world in the movie American Psycho when he eye-f*cked himself as he runs his fingers through his hair, winks, and shoots his finger guns. Pew. I think we can all sigh in relief at this next sentence. Mirror play does not have to be that cringy. In fact, it doesn’t have to be cringy at all. Some of us find that the best way to connect with ourselves is to get familiar with our reflections. Our imperfections, along with the parts we can’t get enough of, make us who we are inside and out, so falling a little bit in love with yourself might be the healthy bit of narcissism we all should employ.
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  • "U Up?" - Guide to The Best Sexting Ever by Lux Fetish

    Guide on How to Start Sexting For Positive Results

    Here’s the thing. You could type out “Hi. Can I sext you?” which directly asks for consent, but doesn’t have enough of the magic that makes it the “best sexting ever”. Just like any other form of flirting, a little verbal cat and mouse goes a long way. For one thing, know who you’re sexting and what they’re doing. Some rando you met on might be in the middle doing something that is not sexting friendly. However, that cutie from the bar a coupla months ago that you keep in touch with might be a better choice. If you know she has lunch with her grandma every Sunday, maybe that’s not the right time. We don’t kink shame, but she just might not be into reading how you want to make her pussy drip while her grandmother describes the last mammogram she endured. All that to say, timing is everything and that’s hard to gauge when you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

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  • Tossing the Salad: Everything you need to know about Rimming - Guide to Glass by Gläs

    Rimming Guide 101: What's a Rim Job or Tossing the Salad?

    Rimming, tossing the salad, biting the peach, or whichever other term you want to use for a good ole ass munching is the colloquial vocabulary for analingus or oral sex performed on the anus. Contrary to the “eating” heavy imagery of the terms, rimming is more focused on the licking aspect, giving external stimulation to the perianal area. This usually involves (but by no means is limited to) circling the booty hole using the tongue with the occasional dip into your southern gorge of glee.

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  • February Fetish of the Month: Feet - Lux Fetish Blog

    What is a Foot Fetish? And How it Plays Out In The Bedroom

    A foot fetish is when feet turn you on and you find release (read: pleasure) in feet. That can play out in a number of ways. Some people like the feet themselves, while others like adornments like jewelry, pantyhose, shoes, or toenail polish. There are foot fetishists that get into the scented aroma of le feet. They like how feet smell after a long day of squishing around in shoes. Some even like the smell of socks worn day after day, or gym shoes. Foot kinksters sometimes get off on the sensory play from rubbing or tickling feet. This can also include rubbing genitals on feet. Even those without a foot fetish, in particular, have sucked a toe or two, or had it done. Because let’s be honest: feet are sexy.

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  • Kink-a Sutra: Adding BDSM to your Kama Sutra Play - Guide to Fetish by Lux Fetish

    Kink-a Sutra: Experience Kama Sutra With Bondage BDSM Play

    You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. That’s essentially what everyone who has read the Kama Sutra says about their sex skills, but even the most adventurous of kinksters can up the ante no matter how far over the ledge they think they’ve gone. And let’s be honest, most of us have NOT read the Kama Sutra and some of us aren’t exactly sure of what it is. What we do know, collectively, whether we’ve perused the document or not, is that it has a lot of freaky sex positions.
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