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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50 | Shop Now
Bed Restraint Kits


Find everything that you need for a kinky night of restraint play with the Lux Fetish Bedspreaders range of kits that are jam-packed with must-have accessories. Check out our selection of all-in-one kits to explore a variety of fantasies.
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Expand your horizons with kinky accessories to amplify couples’ connection and ignite passion. Lux Fetish offers a wide range of restraint styles along with other stylish gear for exploring kinky fantasies of bondage play.

Better than the real thing!

Powercocks, Inflatable kink, harness sets and more. We have an entire collection of veiny, girthy and sexy realistic vibrators and dildos to fulfill all of your desires.
Go Deeper!

Strap-On Dildos

Give your penetration play an exhilarating upgrade with Lux Fetish and PEGASUS strap-on sets. Paired with a firm realistic dildo of your choice, these adjustable strap-ons securely keep them in place for effortless sex in a variety of positions.
Enjoy every angle!

Positionary Products

Avoid the frustration of having to get out of a pleasurable sex position because it’s strenuous. Lux Fetish offers a range of positionary products that are made to provide the support to reach every hot spot.
Heighten Your Senses

Nip your nips

A sensitive area for just about everyone, nipple play provides thrilling stimulation that you will feel throughout your body. Lux Fetish offers a range of nipple clips and clamps that are perfect for all levels of nipple play lovers.
Sensual Moaning

Masks & Gags

Experience stimulation through kinky sensory play, role playing and other creative couples play. Lux Fetish’s selection of ball gags, masks and blindfolds allow you and your partner to explore the erotic side of your everyday senses and more.