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3" Snap Ball Stretcher


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Wrap the Blue Line 3" Snap Ball Stretcher around a man’s scrotum to take control of his genitals and dominate his robust erection.

Snap ball stretchers come in a variety of sizes, from 1.5" to 2.6" to 3", but whatever the size, they are great for cock-and-ball domination in BDSM — including the Blue Line 3" Snap Ball Stretcher, which promotes robust erections and more intense orgasms when applied. This pleasure device moves a man’s testicles downward when wrapped around the scrotum. But during sex, the testicles will retreat upward before ejaculation and during ejaculation. To apply this ball stretcher, wrap it around the scrotum above the testicles before snapping it closed. The Blue Line 3" Snap Ball Stretcher, which will prevent his testicles from contracting during orgasm, should not be worn more than 30 minutes at a time.

How to use

  • Wrap the faux leather stretcher around the scrotum just above the testicles and snap closed
  • You will feel sensation in your scrotum as the snap will prevent the testicles from contracting during orgasm
  • Not for use longer than 30 minutes

Specs & Benefits

  • 3" ball stretcher
  • Great for CBT play in BDSM
  • Total genital domination
  • Prevents testicles from contracting
  • Easy-to-use snap closure
  • Makes erections last longer