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Ball Stretcher - 1.5" Velcro

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When the Blue Line 1.5" Velcro Ball Stretcher is wrapped around a man’s scrotum and snapped firmly into place, it’s time for the kinky fun to begin.

The Blue Line 1.5" Velcro Ball Stretcher is an excellent device to use when it is time to dominate a man’s genitals and take full control of them. And for the man who is being dominated, there is a lot to enjoy. When the stretcher is wrapped around the scrotum above the testicles and the Velcro is snapped shut, the testicles are separated and held in place — resulting in a highly sensitive erection. And that sensitivity will only increase as a sexual encounter progresses. The Blue Line 1.5" Velcro Ball Stretcher pulls the testicles slightly downward, but the testicles will move upward before ejaculation as well as during ejaculation.

How to use

  • Wrap the faux leather stretcher around the scrotum just above the testicles and velcro closed
  • You will feel sensation in your scrotum as the snap will prevent the testicles from contracting during orgasm
  • Not for use longer than 30 minutes

Specs & Benefits

  • Keeps a man’s testicles in place
  • Useful for tops, enjoyable for bottoms
  • Creates a firm, sensitive erection
  • Wraps around the scrotum
  • Enhances ejaculation


  • Item Length 16cm
  • Item Height 3.5cm
  • Min. Diameter 4cm
  • Max. Diameter 5cm