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Forbidden Fetishes: 5 Fetishes You May Not Know Of

Forbidden Fetishes: 5 Fetishes You May Not Know Of

Welcome to our randy round-up of forbidden fetishes, creepy crevices, haunted holes, and spooky splooshes. That’s right! It’s Halloween and while the following may not be your cup of pumpkin spice, it’s certainly enough to keep your gourd from getting bored. In the spirit of not kink-shaming, we want to make it clear that fetishes are completely okay and everyone is entitled to have (most of) them. However, these fetishes are probably different from the ones you’re used to. Enjoy… if you dare!


Spectrophilia: Attraction to ghosts

Spectrophilia: Attraction to ghosts

Spectrophilia is the attraction to ghosts or the suggestion of ghosts. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like boo-bs? While some of us are stuck in the suck of this boring existence of things we can see and touch, there are a lucky few getting their phantasmic phuck on with nymphos of the netherworld. 

We’ve seen references to poltergeist poking in the media. Movies like Ghost show us Patrick Swayze’s bodyless character loving up on Demi Moore while possessing Whoopi Goldberg’s body. The band Incubus got its name from a male demon that seeks sex with sleeping women. The female version would be a succubus. We can see succubus sex in the movie Ghostbusters when Sigourney Weaver lets Rick Moranis tap her apparitional ass. 

Since spectrophilia refers to the attraction to ghosts and not the actual sex with ghosts, we can 100% confirm that this is a thing that happens. People are attracted to a lot of things, including the unseen.


Necrophilia: Attraction to and/or sex with dead bodies Necrophilia: Attraction to and/or sex with dead bodies

While some of the population are attracted to those who have given up their ghost, others are trying to slide in what’s been left behind – the body. Necrophilia is the attraction to and/or sex with dead bodies. There are levels to corpse coitus. From thinking about it, to taking an opportunity, to creating an opportunity (think Dahmer), there’s a surprising number of categories when it comes to boning bones, but luckily for the living among us, getting stiffies for stiffs is rare. 

Necrophilia isn’t new or isolated. There are artifacts from Peru, China, and Egypt that have obsessions about the odious obsolete painted on them. Even the ancient Greeks had a phrase, “baking his bread in a cold oven”, that served as a metaphor for the tyrant Periander getting his biscuit buttered by his has-been helpmate. 

While illegal in most states, necrophilia doesn’t have any federal limitations. Because the data is so low, there isn’t much available on how to identify a necrophiliac. We do know they tend to be of average intelligence, male or female, and have a tendency to be psychotic. 

There’s an urban legend that talks about boinking with the unbreathing and it’s the perfect segue into the next freaky fetish of the flesh.


Formicophilia: Sexual pleasure from being nibbled or crawled on by insects

Formicophilia: Sexual pleasure from being nibbled or crawled on by insects

They say that if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas… but what if that’s your kink? Formicophilia is a sexual attraction to insects. Not in a “that bee is really cute” kinda way, but rather in a, “I love the way these bees buzz all over my boner” kinda way. A form of zoophilia – sexual attraction to animals – formicophiliacs get off on being nibbled or crawled on by insects. The stinging, tickly, or even slimy sensations are what get the juices flowing. 

Another form of the buggy buggery shows up in “crush freaks” or people who are sexually aroused at the crunching sensations that come from stepping on bugs, small animals, birds, and the like. If you have an inclination toward invertebrates, there are websites that can swarm you with the love. 


Hematolagnia: Sexual attraction to the idea of blood and/or sight, smell or taste of blood

Hematolagnia: Sexual attraction to the idea of blood and/or sight, smell or taste of blood

“Blood is really warm, it's like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming.”

- Ryan Mecum

And like chocolate, blood can be an aphrodisiac. Hematolagnia is sexual blood play. Some people are attracted to the sight, smell, or taste of blood while others are attracted to the idea of it. While cutting for blood is certainly a part of this game, fake blood like the kind used at Halloween and for movies is also acceptable. Even a suggestive substance like red wine or food coloring can sometimes cut it for the right person.

Another form of blood play is a fascination with period blood. Called menophilia, this is a blood play that is specifically reserved for lunar leakage. While there is overlap, not everyone that’s into bleeders is into uterine shedding, and vice versa.

Also, just because someone might have vamp tendencies doesn’t mean they are willing to main vain knife play – these are entirely separate kinks. Blood play is incredibly risky, but that’s a huge draw for a lot of people. One wrong cut or an exchange with the wrong person can change (or end) your life. 


Emetophilia is the sexual arousal to vomiting or watching someone else vomit. It is both rare and underreported so there is no data available but there are online resources. From in-depth articles to puke-tok (we made that up), you can get your (un)fill of barfy banging.



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