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February Fetish of the Month: Feet - Lux Fetish Blog

What is a Foot Fetish? And How it Plays Out In The Bedroom

Are you ready, boots?

Boots might be made for walkin’, but research shows that feet were made for fawkin’! Foot fetishes are the most normalized fetish we have in the BDSM-osphere and while some are still figuring it out, more people than you think are ten toes down in the kink.


What is a Foot Fetish?

A foot fetish is when feet turn you on and you find release (read: pleasure) in feet. That can play out in a number of ways. Some people like the feet themselves, while others like adornments like jewelry, pantyhose, shoes, or toenail polish. There are foot fetishists that get into the scented aroma of le feet. They like how feet smell after a long day of squishing around in shoes. Some even like the smell of socks worn day after day, or gym shoes. Foot kinksters sometimes get off on the sensory play from rubbing or tickling feet. This can also include rubbing genitals on feet. Even those without a foot fetish, in particular, have sucked a toe or two, or had it done. Because let’s be honest: feet are sexy.


The Breakdown Of A Foot Fetish

There’s actually a whole psychological explanation for this. Before we get into that, just know that feet have a LOT of nerve endings and for some people, that just feels good. Foot fetishists might like to tug on your tootsies, but let’s not pretend it isn’t satisfying for most of us. If you don’t like a lot of stimulation, a foot rub can feel nice, but if you love intense sensations, tickling may be more your vibe.

Sometimes the appeal is less physical (although it isn’t a deterrent) and more psychological. There are people who think feet are humiliating because they are literally below us. Others see feet as a substitute for the penis, both visually and psychologically. For some, wiggling the toes lights up a part of the brain that causes carnal commotion. 


Foot Fetish and the Bedroom. 

Whatever the reason, there is so much to be explored when you have foot kinks. But how does this actually play out in the bedroom?

Take a walk on their wild side

If you want to be dominated and humiliated by feet, then trampling may be the way to go. Lay on your back and have the owner of your feet du jour press their stompers all over your face. They can apply varying pressures or simply rub their feet. Up the kink with some foot stink. For even more domination, let your foot master tie you down while they give you a foot feast.

Have your partner worship your feet. Bathe them, paint the nails, massage them, suck on your toes one by one, and then all at once. You’re in control, so walk all over them if you want, literally and figuratively.


Footo Finish

If you are more visual, maybe you like pictures of feet. You can model toe rings, and dangly anklets, or ankle cuffs. Take pics of your feet from different angles. Bottoms of feet need love too, so make sure to set that selfie timer to get the feet in frame for the freaks.


Foot to Phallus

Finally, no talk around a foot fetish would be complete without some foot-to-junk action. Some people want to rub their feet on some juicy bits, while others like receiving the action. This can be incredibly arousing but there are a few things you should know.


Keep Those Kicks Clean

STIs are still a risk, like any skin infections like athlete’s foot. You’ll want to make sure your feet are clean and properly groomed. Sharp nails can do some severe damage by not only cutting the skin, but leaving bacteria behind. Consider barrier protection in your next or even making a pedicure a part of your fun!

Foot fetishes are here to stay. We know more about this fetish than any other, from a psychological standpoint, and there are more people who engage with this kink. Go online and do some digging. Feet aren’t taboo in most situations, so you can get your fix any time without creating trouble for your troopers!


Perform a Footjob.

A footjob can be a fun way to switch up your routine and bring more foot play into the bedroom. Rub up and down your partner’s penis using your toes and arches (with lube ), using your feet to replicate a hand job. If you find this difficult, you can always use one foot and press your partner's penis against their stomach and rub it up and down. For vagina owners, your partners can also rub their feet on your clitoris for stimulation.  

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