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7 Ring Gates of Hell


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Boasting six smaller rings for the penis and a larger ring for the penis and testicles, the 7 Ring Gates of Hell keeps a man’s genitals in perfect captivity.

CBT-friendly gates-of-hell devices, which keep a man’s genitals in a state of total captivity, are by no means monolithic — and the options range from steel to rubber and from 3 rings to 5 rings to 7 rings. The Blue Line 7 Ring Gates of Hell combines steel with a seven-ring option, and all of the rings are attached by a single strap. For dominant goddesses or BDSM leathermen applying this pleasure toy, the bottom’s penis and testicles should both be placed through a larger steel ring — while only the penis should be inserted through six smaller rings. The Blue Line 7 Ring Gates of Hell promotes firm, long-lasting and sensitive erections, and there are many CBT options when the sub’s genitals are in a state of captivity. If desired, optional lubricant can be used with this device.

How to use

  • Place the flaccid penis and testicles through the largest ring
  • Slide the 6 smaller rings over the shaft of the still flaccid penis
  • Lubricant might be necessary
  • D-ring should be used with a leash (sold separately)
  • Not for use over 30 minutes

Specs & Benefits

  • Great for CBT play
  • Keeps a man’s genitals in strict captivity
  • Features 5 steel rings
  • Promotes robust erections
  • Stimulates a sub’s penis"