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15% Off Sitewide + Sign Up to our Newsletter to get an extra 10% Off

8-Style Ball Divider

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Place the sub’s testicles in the device, making sure they are perfectly separated and snugly snapped into place. Once in place, let the fun begin.

One of best ways for a domme or dom to take full, total control of a man’s genitals is to separate them and hold them in place, and the Blue Line 8 Style Ball Divider does exactly that. This ball divider/cock ring offers state-of-the-art ball separation, putting the domme or dom in charge of a man’s penis and testicles — and for the happy submissive, there are many other benefits as well. By holding the testicles in place and restricting blood flow to the penis, this device promotes high-pleasure, long-lasting erections. Sensitivity increases while the testicles are perfectly separated, making the sensations more and more enjoyable. And the Blue Line 8 Style Ball Divider works as well for tops and bottoms who are new to ball separation as it does for more experienced and savvy BDSM players.

How to use

  • Place testicles into the divider straps one at a time
  • Wrap the large ring around the scrotum and snap closed
  • Testicles should feel pressure and constraint
  • Discontinue use in case of pain or excessive swelling

Specs & Benefits

  • Great for controlling a man’s genitals
  • Useful for tops, enjoyable for bottoms
  • Sexy faux black leather
  • Dome-snap stud closures
  • Fits comfortably and snugly