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Satisfying Your Fantasy - Sexy Role Play - by Lux Fetish

Satisfying Your Fantasy - Sexy Role Play

Satisfying Your Fantasies

Your gaze longingly into your partner’s eyes and say, “You are my everything. I’ll be whoever you need me to be.” They look down shyly. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Inside, you are tingling with electric excitement. You feel your goosebumps rise at their declaration and you know that your life is about to change. Your partner leans in and says, “I think you have been a very bad student today in class. You are going to have to stay after for detention. We always punish naughty behavior.”

And now you are cuffed, gagged, and your legs are in a spreader on a Tuesday. How did this happen, and why is it one of the best experiences of your life? Sex role play. And we are going to teach you a lesson.

What is Role Play?

Sexy role play is when you and your partner(s) take on new identities to play out a fantasy. This can be to explore kinks or inhibitions, work out deep seated desires or taboos, or it can be a fun and sexy deviation from your everyday roles. Sex role play is ideal for strengthening communication and bonding with your partner, while also adding a bit of kink to spice things up.

One of the most key elements demonstrated in role play are power dynamic differentials. For example, the earlier teacher/student interaction and doctor/nurse are some of the most common scenarios. This power play can intensify to reflect the common dynamics in everyday roles, and in many cases, quite the opposite. A timid housewife can make the perfect dominatrix, while a powerful politician may enjoy playing the role of a well trained puppy. BDSM is one of the most well recognized iterations of sex role play, but some other commonly practiced roles are that of prison guard/prisoner, pet owner, or pet, and something called uniform play. Uniform play can include being hosed down by a “fireman”, or getting your pipes flushed by a “plumber”. 

Where do I start, sir?

Introducing sexy role play into your bedroom doesn’t have to be as awkward as it seems. You may feel silly at first, but in reality, you do parts of role play all the time. If you have ever thought someone looked hot in a nurse or football uniform, and you’ve imagined your partner wearing it, then you are almost there. Why not mention to you partner how hot you think they would look in a jersey? The best way to get rushed at the 50 yard line is to call the play. If your partner wears a jersey and you don a referee or cheerleader uniform, imagine the conversations that could happen during a game, and then twist the talk into something much hotter. You have to really commit though, because no one likes a lazy player. Besides, everyone wants to score and teamwork makes the dream work.

Get All the Kinks In…

Once you’ve tried out a few lighter roles, you may want to try something kinkier. You can think of your partner as your employee at work, and they will do anything to get a promotion. It may not be the most politically correct, but sexy role play is a fantasy, and fantasies don’t HAVE to be anything. If your “employee” talks too much, maybe you can show them how to be quiet with the LuxFetish Breathable Ball Gag in Red. Maybe they seem a little TOO friendly to their coworkers. Try restraining them with the Over the Door Cross BDSM Cuffs or the Expandable Spreader Bar Set with Detachable Cuffs.

Take Full Control

Another direction to think about is that of a puppeteer or a hypnotist, in which one partner is in complete control and the other partner must do what they are told. Your partner can be told to masturbate, but not be allowed to come. You can also have your partner wear these Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties with Hidden Vibe Pocket in Black  so that you control their stimulation. These allow you to move your role play out of the bedroom and somewhere a LOT less discreet and remember, because you are doing some sexy role play, the aesthetic of the panties don’t have any bearing on who the wearer should be.

Safety and Consent First

Some things you should consider about trying sex role play for the first time or with a new partner is to establish a safe word. Safe words can help you to communicate that you like something or that things may be a little more intense than you are ready for. It creates a system that makes it easy for your partner to check in with you. After your role playing session, find some time to chat about what you liked, loved, and hated. Think about what you would like to do differently for the next time. You can do anything you want so get creative. Remember, it’s your world. You just made it up! Have fun!

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