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I Wanna Feeling So Real: Guide to Realistic Vibrators - Lux Fetish

Masturbators Guide: Find Which One Best Suits You

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby! But who says you need the real thing anyway? Some people prefer more realistic vibrators while others steer clear, but what difference does it make? Why is a realistic vibrator better or worse than a nonrealistic one? That answer is easy. There’s no better or worse; only difference and preference. So let’s talk about it.

What Makes It “Real”

Realistic vibrators are dildos with a vibrating mechanism that resemble real penises in shape, color, and feel like the Powercock Nude Realistic Vibrator. They may have veins, a softened tip, or even a curve like a human penis. They are flexible and some have the ability to “ejaculate”. Many are cast from an actual penis to make it as realistic as possible. From here it starts to get a little muddied. “Real” is subjective, and there are several vibrators on the market that have some real features, and some non-realistic features. One version of this is this Powercocks Vibrator which has the shape, size, and veins of a real penis, but not the color.

Another example of a realistic vibrator that has some non-realistic features is the 6.5” Realistic Silicone Pegging Dildo with Balls. Made for pegging, this hot pink vibrator has the size, shape, and girth of a realistic vibrator. It even has balls! It’s made to be used as an attachment to a harness or it can be used hands-free by sticking the suction cup to a smooth surface.

It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Vein.

The thing is, you can actually feel the veins and any bulges in girth, so the sensation is real even if it visually reminds you of a family of cartoon unicorns. So with that in mind, what then, would be the appeal of non-realistic vibrators? For some, it simply boils down to design. Realistic vibrators can only vary so much, while nonrealistic vibes can vary in shape, color, size, and features. Non-realistic vibrators are easily found in hot pink, purple, and a shocking blue. There are also orange, green, etc., and multicolored ones. Beyond the colors, there are strong variations in shape like any of the Rabbit Essentials collections. The Slim Realistic Double Penetration Rabbit Vibrator with Rotating Beads has a tone of features that take away from the realism but makes up for it in design. It comes in hot pink or purple colors, and features rotating beads, a double penetrator for anal play, the infamous rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, and an LED display panel that lets you control it all. 

Another feature that non-realistic vibrators allow is the control over the size. Some users may want something shorter, slimmer, or even tapered to fit their body.

A Real Mind-F**k

Beyond the physical appearance or feel of a vibrator, there is a mental component. For genderplay, having a realistic vibrator helps to play into the fantasy. For others, like a FF partnership, a nonrealistic vibrator is fun, playful, and gets the job done. Some people like penetration, but aren’t interested in an actual penis doing the job. In that case, a realistic replica could have the same psychological effect as a real penis. Having non-realistic vibrators available would then just make sense.

For others, it has more to do with intent. When humiliating or intimidating your sub, having a realistic vibrator adds to the mental impact of your play. If you are just starting out with using vibrators, especially for pegging, having a nonrealistic vibrator allows you to bypass the veins and other added textures that could prove to be too much stimulation for your maiden voyage. 

Keep in mind, too, that the mental play is on both partners. When the penetrating partner is wearing the vibrator, you have to take how it makes them feel into consideration. Does it make them feel dominating and powerful? Or does it make them feel silly and a bit cartoonish? The truth is, the answer will vary from person to person. One partner’s big strapping veiny dick could make them feel like BEST. DOM. EVER. Or it could make them feel like they are playing a really raunchy game of pretend, and not in a good way.

It’s All About Sexploration

All in all, when choosing a vibrator, whether realistic or not, it makes sense to explore your options. Realistic skin tones, or bright colors that glow in the dark? Do you want the skin to feel like actual flesh, or are you more comfortable with the smoothness of silicone? Think about angles, curvatures, and whether to have balls or to not have balls. This is an important question! Consider your reason for choosing a new vibrator, and what you plan to do with it. The only wrong answer is not trying vibrators at all. With so many options, most people start off with whichever one they are most comfortable with and then gradually explore with new types. Others have all kinds of realistic and nonrealistic vibrators in their arsenal. The only thing that matters here is your preference. 

Health Benefits Of Using A Vibrator

Of course, there are health benefits to consider. Whether realistic or not, the research is undeniable. Prostate massages are good for you! It may help with erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate symptoms, painful ejaculations, and urine flow. Not to mention, busting a good nut is healing for the soul.

You don’t have to have a P-Spot to take advantage of the health benefits. Cumming lowers cortisol levels, increases intimacy, relaxes you, helps you lose weight, and relieve pain. For people with periods, getting off can even regulate your menstrual cycle and smooth the menopausal process. Plus it just feels really damn good. 

So Why the Buzz?

Vibrators are exciting because they are still a bit taboo. They are like bathrooms. Everyone has one, but most people don’t sit around talking about them. They allow you the option of stimulating yourself to the point of orgasm, even if you don’t have a partner. Realistic vibrators can even give you that “realistic feel” of skin, or those aforementioned veins that may pique your proclivities.

 A person using a realistic vibe like the Pegasus 6.5” Realistic Silicone Pegging Dildo to peg their partner may get a much-needed sense of validation. Alternatively, anyone receiving a realistic vibe may just enjoy the texture and look. Vibrators are sensory toys. The way they move, feel, and look are all part of the experience.

How To Use Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators can be used in almost any way you can have fun with a real penis. Vaginal, anal, or oral gratification are all up for grabs. Many vibrators have several settings, so after turning it on, toggle through the speed setting and vibration patterns to find the right combination that gets you going. Word of advice: Start at the lowest speed and work yourself up from there.

Guide to realistic vibrators:

We’ve made it easy for you to do some digging. No matter what you like or want to try, there is something for everyone. Don’t be shy! Many people have several to suit different moods or desires.

Lux Fetish Realistic Vibrating Strap-Ons

Lux Fetish offers an assortment of strap-on realistic vibrators that are sure to pleasure even the neediest subs. From 6 to 8 inches, these unisex remote-controlled vibes are versatile and affordable. Styles range from the Unisex Vibrating Hollow Double Penetration Strap-On Dildo to the 3Pc Strap-On Harness Pegging Set with Realistic Dildo, with a comparable variety in price.

Realistic Vibrators with Strap-On Harness and Remote Control - Lux Fetish
Lux Fetish Hollow Strap-On Realistic Vibrators

There are many reasons to love Lux Fetish’s pair of hollow realistic vibrators. While the Unisex Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Dildo makes it possible for anyone — including penis-owners — to utilize a satisfying, girthy, silky smooth dildo to penetrate a partner, the Double Penetration version takes stimulation to a whole new level.

Lux Fetish Unisex Hollow Vibrating Dildo
Pegasus Vibrating Pegging Dildos

Pegasus is a silky smooth collection of silicone pegging strap-on sets that are all remote-controlled. Ranging from sizes that include 6” to 8”, Pegasus realistic vibrators have a suction-cup base that allows them to easily attach to any smooth surface. They combine the ease of use of a stationary dildo with powerful vibrations that can be controlled remotely.

Pegasus Realistic Vibrating Dildo
Powercocks Realistic Vibrators

The Powercocks collection of realistic vibrators takes internal stimulation to the next level with realistic shapes paired with powerful vibrations. These stimulators are handheld to provide the ultimate in control, allowing the user to pleasure themselves any way they want. From 6” to 8” in size, they are easily one of the most accessible vibes to anyone craving intense penetrative stimulation.

Powercocks Realistic Vibrating Dildo
Rabbit Essentials Vibrators

With their realistic details like engorged veins and perfectly smooth, round tips, Rabbit Essentials realistic vibrators deliver the feel of a real-life penis and more! The attached motors provide stimulation to the clit and anus, and Rabbit Essentials vibes also have cutting-edge features like thrusting and rotating shafts. The collection includes a G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator with a Rotating Shaft for targeted stimulation. The vibrant purple and pink colors are fun to look at during solo or partnered play.

Rabbit Essentials Realistic Vibrating Dildo
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