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Glow Up with a Booty Blow Up - Inflatable Butt Plugs by Lux Fetish

Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs to Glow Up with a Booty Blow Up

There’s really no easy way to introduce an inflatable butt plug to any conversation so we’ve determined that the best way to talk about is to just say the following:

What are inflatable butt plugs?

Inflatable butt plugs are quite literal in their self-description. They are butt plugs that can be blown up using a pump that has a quick-release function. More specifically, they tend to be a tad smaller in general, but you can add air gradually. The hand pump can be completely manual, but some versions allow you to gauge exactly how much air you are adding at a time. They also come in a variety of shapes, from the more traditional balloon shape to realistic looking and longer dildo shapes. Some even come with a vibration function to add additional stimulation to your pumping.


What does an inflatable butt plug feel like?

For women, they love the feeling when using a dildo, vibrator, and inflatable butt plug. This gives an intense orgasm with pleasure from 3 different areas at once. A perk about the inflatable butt plug is not worrying about the toy popping out, and it allows you to experience full-on sexual pleasure. 

For men, masturbation feels very intense but the pressure that presses on their prostate. 

Men report that masturbation feels extra INTENSE! The consistent pressure from behind presses on the prostate.


What to know before using an inflatable butt plug. 

To use an inflatable butt plug, clean yourself thoroughly and then lube up. A LOT. And then add a bit more lube. If you are trying it on the bed, it’s smart to put down a towel, and maybe one extra on the floor just in case. Things happen. Inflatable butt plugs are frequently used by butt plug vets and novices alike, so whichever you identify as, go slowly. Insert the inflatable butt plug and then let it rest for a bit. Give your body time to adjust to its presence. When you’re ready, add a small bit of air, and then rest again. Continue this process as slowly and for as long as you feel comfortable. If anything starts to hurt, hit the quick-release valve. Some devices allow you to release some air but all of them allow you to release all of the air, for safety reasons.


What makes inflatable butt plugs different?

As mentioned earlier, there are some pretty major differences between a regular butt plug and its inflatable cousin. Besides the obvious feature, keep in mind that the function alone bars it from being made of certain materials. As the material has to suit the function so inflatable butt plugs are always latex or silicone. We prefer latex since there’s less chance for an allergy and they’re safe to use with silicone-based lube.  

The primary function of an inflatable butt plug is expansion. Some people choose to use one simply because it is pleasurable. That added pressure of fullness can really rev those engines once it bumps against the P-Spot. Another reason inflatable butt plugs get all the love is that they can be used for stretching. While some may prefer to use a training set, an inflatable allows for more (ahem) flexibility. With traditional butt plugs, you are limited to the size you have on hand, but with inflatables, you can go as big as you want. Some inflatable butt plugs can be blown up to 10 or 20 inches. While they aren’t likely to explode inside you, they can pop, so make sure you have one that is made of top-quality materials. What happens when they pop, in most cases, is that they get a very small hole and the air comes out. This is a point of concern for most people interested in trying an inflatable butt plug, and considering how your body may respond to this is a part of the process. 


Personal Sexploration

Using an inflatable butt plug can be an important addition to your sexual journey. We always recommend trying new things solo, so that you can take your time and figure out exactly what you like, and then sharing your thoughts with a partner. Inflatables are great for solo play, or even exploration. However, some people understandably get overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles, and having a partner in the process changes EVERYTHING.


Pump Up the Kink

Having a partner while using an inflatable butt plug means having to establish solid trust and communication. Only you know how much air is okay, and you have to communicate that with your partner. Where it gets REALLY fun, is when you incorporate inflatable butt plugs into your BDSM play sessions. Your partner can stretch you into some delicious pain. Alternatively, they can inflate and contract the inflatable to alternate the pressure on your P-Spot. Doing this on a blindfolded sub creates an element of surprise or adventure. Introduce nipple clamps or a cock ring for these session can turn up the heat for even the most experienced couple. 


Maintaining your inflatable butt plug

There are a couple of things to note about inflatable butt plugs, which hold true for all inflatables. The most of important of which is: don’t share. If you do think you might share these toys, use a condom and remember to switch condoms every time you switch partners. The next thing to remember is that inflatable butt plugs need to be washed IMMEDIATELY after use. The best way is to suds up your hands and then use your hands to get every part clean. Remember to use a soap that’s safe for silicone. Let it air dry before putting it away. 

Inflatable butt plugs can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Ultimately, they were created to be pleasurable, adaptable, and to share. Blow up to glow up. Enjoy!

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