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Let's Get this Done! Cake Sitting 101 - Guide to Fetish by Lux Fetish

Cake Sitting 101: A Journey of Tactile Sexploration

Let’s Get This Done!

People will try to tell you that you can't have your cake and eat it too, but in 2008 the world got a whiff of new possibilities when someone sat seductively on a chocolate cake, flipped their hair back and farted. In this way, we were collectively initiated into the world of cake sitting. 

WAM Right in The Cake!

With a firm foundation in a fetish called WAM (wet and messy) or sploshing, cake sitting has re-entered the chat as a socially acceptable kink and it is gaining traction. WAM is a fetish where people are sexually aroused by being slathered in large amounts of a substance. The substance can get in the hair or nails, and of course, on the skin. Sometimes the fetish is sensory-based, so the type of substance matters. Jell-O feels different from oil, and a sticky honey might be more titillating than a fluffy whipped cream. Alternatively, there are those that are just as stimulated by watching sploshing, but would choose to not have the physical experience themselves. The turn-on for them is more visual and they get their rocks off watching the smear patterns or colors. Sploshing crosses with several fetishes like BDSM, total enclosure (in which the sub is enclosed with the substance), and food play. In the realm where sploshing and food play collide, we have cake sitting, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

You Know What I Love The Most…

In 2008, a now defunct website featured a pantless person squashing their vagina on a homemade chocolate-frosted confection. They farted long and hard and many weren’t sure if we were only still looking at frosting. The poots projected from their patootie, and while fart fetishes are a thing, it was the frosting on the ass that got the attention. Thousands of reaction videos to cake sitting spread through the interwebs, and then came the copycats. Fetishists and kinksters started smashing their cakes on cakes while the rest of the world wondered what the hell was going on and why the hell this was a thing. 

A Journey of Tactile Sexploration

For the coochie cupcakers amongst us, going against the grain of sex having to be tidy and organized is exciting. Cake sitting disrupts the Foucaultian theories (ideas that suggest human knowledge and power go hand-in-hand) around identity and subjectivity in regards to our sexual self-understanding and presentation. In other words, screw your obedient performative genital gyrations because we’re dumping dicks in danishes and sliding muffs across muffins for the culture. 

Unless, of course, it’s simply about tactile exploration, which is the case for many purveyors of tush-tart tag teams. According to cake sitters, the feeling of soft and sometimes warm frosting mixed in with the grainy texture of cake crumbles just feels good. According to psychologists, it could be that they are less sensitive to textures, and what could be overwhelming sensations to others are inviting to them. Most people in the cake sitting fetish also enjoy messiness in general, and may have fond memories of being dirty. Mysophilia (arousal at one’s own dirtiness) or salirophilia (arousal at a partner’s dirtiness) are close cousin fetishes to cake sitting and sploshing in general.

Whether cake sitting is a bird flip to hyper strict vanilla parents, an unconventional measure to literally feel something, or you just like making a big ol’ mess, it has total anarchist punk vibes so put that pussy on a pastry and parade around whatever piping gets you percolating.

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