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How to Have a Nipplegasm: Nipple Stimulation Tips

How to Have a Nipplegasm: Nipple Stimulation Tips

If you’re reading this article, it is most likely that you’ve had an orgasm before. Whether you have a penis or a vulva, you’ve likely become familiar with the surge of euphoria that rocks your socks every time you cum. But just like switching from jelly to marmalade on your morning toast, throwing in a new experience can make your sexual adventures go, “gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya, da-da”. And that’s when it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room… the tiny, pink elephants, sitting roughly on the peaks of your breasts.

Nipple Play Orgasm Nipplegasm

That’s right, we’re talking about nipple play. And if you haven’t been talking about the nipple play before, then you’re missing out on 800 nerve endings of orgasmic titillation at your fingertips.

What is a Nipplegasm?

As we just mentioned, everyone's nipples have over 800 nerve endings. When these nerve endings are activated during nipple play, they ignite the genital sensory cortex (aka, the same cortex that shoots you into euphoria during genital or anal orgasms). This means that the intense climax you experience will come in waves that spread through the body gradually, rather than a momentary shot, that is called a Nipplegasm, or nipple play orgasm. If you are a vagina owner, these intensities can be even stronger when you're menstruating, as your hormone levels can impact breast sensitivity. Regardless of your genitalia, those pepperoni pacifiers hold the power to grant you earth-shattering nipplegasms with the right amount of tweak.


How to Get a Nipplegasm?

Before you hang ten on the waves of nipplegasm euphoria, the best way to prepare your body is through a few simple breathing exercises. Similar to meditation, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to really get in tune mentally with your body and mentally focus on the parts that you want to stimulate.
Once you have a focus on your body, start by circling your areola and nipples with your fingertips. Lightly brushing across the nipples periodically to entice the glands, but mainly focusing on the outer edge to tease the sensory nerves and your mental focus.
Switch between tracing and squeezing your areolas to build tension. Once you start feeling that rush of ecstasy, move on to full nipple play.

Nipple Play Orgasm Nipplegasm

Once you're at the point of extreme arousal, start some nubbin' lovin' by brushing and pressing on the nipples with alternating amounts of pressure. Find the right amount that gets you feeling frisky and repeat the motion faster and slower. You can even amp up the sensations by adding a little saliva to your fingers before rubbing them over your teat-tops.
Trace your fingers around your body, down to your other erogenous zones, and back up to the nipples to amp up the full-body waves of orgasm. Try arching your back forward, or even rolling over on your chest and let your nipples brush the surface of the bed while you play with your anus or genitals.
Repeat these motions to the point of orgasm and pull back to fully milk the experience. Once you are feeling ready to burst, lose yourself in the sensation and let the nipplegasm ripple throughout your body.


How to play with a Nipplegasm partner?

Nipple play is a fantastic way to add additional eroticism to your sexy activities. The best way to really get you or your partner in on each other’s nipplegasms is to use your mouth to the fullest. Hot breaths, licking, sucking, and light nibbling will bring a different type of activation to your nipple’s nerves.
By sucking on the nipples, you can increase blood flow and make the nerves of the nipple more sensitive to sensations. Start with a light breath to warm and entice the areolas before suckling down, switching between a light suckle and flicking the tip with your tongue. While the nipple is being sucked, move your tongue in a circular motion to trace the edges and really give those glands something to gag about.


What are the best Nipplegasm accessories?

For even more intense sensations. Try mixing in other materials to switch up stimulation. Adding other textures and temperatures through ice, nipple clamps, vibrators, or lotions can amplify these sensations and send you into a continuous adventure of nipple play orgasms you'll want to have again and again.
Nipple clamps create a pretty intense type of nipple stimulation that will definitely put you in nipple play orgasm territory. Not to mention they fit right into the BDSM aesthetic and look so damn good. You can get individual clamps like Lux Fetish Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clips or the stylish Feather Nipple Clamps.

Feather Nipple Clamps

Other clamps come with a small chain attached for you to pull or be pulled for extra pleasure and stimulation, like the Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps or the Collar And Nipple Clips.

Collar And Nipple Clips

There’s even clamps with a chain that connects to your clit or your penis like the beautiful Adjustable Nipple Clamps & Clit Clamp or the mighty Cock Ring with Nipple Tweezers for a super comprehensive and intense experience, a real Nipplegasm.

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