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Cock & Ball Gear: Ball Dividers/Ball Stretchers

What Do Ball Stretchers Do? | Cock & Ball Gear Guide

In our previous blog focused on cock and ball gear, we explored some of the basic — and more adventurous styles — in this category, Cock Rings. Now it's time to level up and go deeper into this type of BDSM play, let's explore ball dividers/ball stretchers.

Lux Fetish Ball Dividers / Ball Stretchers CBT

What are ball dividers/ball stretchers?

Ball dividers/ball stretchers include a wide variety of styles that focus on the testicles. Ball stretching can be achieved using weights that are placed on the scrotum to stretch out the muscles and tissues and pulls the testicles down. Ball dividers / ball stretchers also achieve stretching with styles that are more like sheaths that wrap around the testicles and elongate. The purpose of ball stretching is to increase the sensitivity — and therefore the stimulation — of the testicles.

How do you wear ball dividers/ball stretchers?

Before slipping on a ball divider or ball stretcher, it’s important to be completely relaxed. You can also massage the scrotum area using the thumb and index finger to massage between the penis and testicles and gently tugging at the testicles for about five minutes to allow for the blood to rush to the area and then relax.
Before sliding on a ball stretcher, you should use lubricant to comfortably get the device in place. Be gentle as you slide the ball divider or ball stretcher into place. You should never pull or twist too hard.

How to wear a Ball Divider / Ball Stretcher CBT

How do ball dividers/ball stretchers work?

The reason why ball dividers/ball stretchers feel so good to wear is simply because stimulation to the testicles feels pleasant for men. During oral sex, a lot of penis-owners like to have their testicles stimulated as well through licking, massage and gently tugging. Ball dividers/ball stretchers offer this type of stimulation simply by wearing them.

Safety Tips

For the best experience using ball dividers/ ball stretchers, always make sure that they are not too tight. If extreme pain or discoloration is experienced, then the device should be removed. Additionally, ball dividers/ball stretchers should not be worn for long periods of time to avoid cutting off blood supply to the scrotum.

Health Benefits

Ball dividers/ball stretchers help to promote sexual wellness by increasing the sensation of pleasurable stimulation. As we’ve all become familiar with, a healthy sex life has many other health benefits like improving mood, boosting your immune system, lowers blood pressure and lessens pain among many other helpful side effects.

Types of ball dividers/ball stretchers fastening

Velcro: This type of cock and ball play accessory is a good option for first-time users of ball dividers/ball stretchers. Lux Fetish’s selection of Velcro ball stretchers are made of a faux leather and are easily fitted around the base of the testicles to comfortably pull them away from the body. The Velcro closure easily secures and can be undone quickly if necessary.

Snap: Ball dividers/ball stretchers that secure in place with snaps also are beginners-friendly and offer wearers a more versatile fit as these kinds of ball stretchers have several snaps so that you can choose from a not-so-tight fit to the most snug yet comfortable fit. The Blue Line for Men lineup of snap ball dividers/ball stretchers includes styles that that stretch out the balls to a variety of lengths, ranging from 1.5” to 3”. Other snap cock ring styles include edgier styles from the Blue Line for Men collection that include metal rings, weighted rings, cage styles and other unique designs such as T-style Cock Rings that wrap around the base of the penis as well as the testicles.

Lux Fetish Ball Dividers / Ball Stretchers Snap Fastening

Sinch: Similar to the corset style of lingerie, cinch style ball dividers/ball stretchers are adjusted for a tight fit using a lace-up closure that allows the wearer to comfortably fit into the ball divider and then tighten it to their liking. The Blue Line for Men collection features sinch cock sheaths that not only separate the cock from the balls but also wraps around the entire shaft with lengths of 3” and 5”.

Lux Fetish Ball Dividers / Ball Stretchers Sinch Fastening

Buckle: Ball dividers/ball stretchers with buckle closures also allow for easy adjustments for the snuggest yet comfortable fit. As buckle closures are often incorporated into bondage gear such as restraints, this style of cock ring most easily complements a BDSM style outfit. Blue Line for Men buckle cock rings include cage-like styles that feature multiple buckles that secure along the shaft. Additionally, these ball dividers/ball stretchers easily secure around the base of the penis, as well as around the testicles.

Lux Fetish Ball Dividers / Ball Stretchers Buckle Fastening

Lock and Key: Also known as chastity devices, ball dividers/ball stretchers that come with a lock and key allow users to control their partner’s ability to freely experience an erection. These ball dividers/ball stretchers are made of faux leather and metal rings to comfortably cage up the wearer’s members for as long as the key holder desires. With styles that lock up only the balls or the base of the penis, the Blue Line for Men line also features lock and key ball dividers that restrain the entire penis. Once the device is placed under lock and key, it is the domme’s choice when the device can come off.

Lux Fetish Ball Dividers / Ball Stretchers Lock & Key Fastening

Ball dividers and ball stretchers may fall into a single category but this type of bondage device is available in an array of styles to fit the preferences of users of all levels.


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