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25% Off with code "MERRY25" | Free Shipping on $50+ Orders

5" Male Prostate Pleasure Massager - White


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Male BDSM players can enjoy delightful prostate and perineum stimulation and intense orgasms using the Blue Line 5" Male P-Spot Massager: White.

Male BDSM players who have experienced prostate play know how much intense pleasure they can get from it, especially if they have the right pleasure toys on hand. The Blue Line 5" Male P-Spot Massager, which is available in white, blue or black, has had extensive medical research and leads to intense, explosive orgasms. Promoting prostate health as well as great pleasure, this massager stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion. To get started with this device, begin by sliding it into the anus and relaxing so that it can conform to the inside of the body. The prostate and the perineum will both be stimulated, resulting in great pleasure for the user. The Blue Line 5" Male P-Spot Massager: White is appropriate for beginners as well as for male BDSM players who are more experienced with prostate play.

How to use

  • Apply lubricant to the shaft of the massager
  • Relax the anus and slide the shaft of the massager into the rectum
  • Tighten the sphincter muscles to press the shaft into the prostate 
  • Stimulate the perineum externally
  • Re-apply lubricant as needed
  • Remove slowly

Specs & Benefits

  • BDSM-friendly
  • Medically researched
  • Sleek white design
  • Stimulates the prostate and perineum
  • Insert in the anus
  • Promotes prostate health
  • Intense orgasms