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Best Under Bed Restraints And Bed Spreaders of 2023

Best Under Bed Restraints And Bed Spreaders of 2023

Bedspreaders — also often known as under bed restraints — are the perfect kind of accessory not only for couples that are interested in bondage play, but also for enhancing foreplay during a night of romance.

What is an under bed restraint set?

Under the bed restraints are excellent for exploring bondage or other types of couples play in which one of the partner takes on a dominant role and the other partner on the receiving end serves as the submissive. Under bed restraints are also known as bedspreaders because of how they can be used — meaning that this fun device allows the user to spread their partner across the bed with wrists and ankles secured at each of the four quarters of the bed.

With a partner’s wrists and ankles restrained, you are in complete control and you have access to your partner’s body to touch and stimulate as you please. (Of course, always use a safe word to ensure the best, most comfortable experience.)

How to use an under bed restraint?

How to set up a bedspreader - under bed restraint

Bedspreaders are most commonly made up of four straps that connect to a center strap or O-ring. On the end of each of the four straps is a cuff that can be secured around the wrists and ankles. The center strap sits underneath the mattress while the four straps reach out from under to wrap around each limb.

What makes bedspreaders the best option for fans of bondage play is how easily it transforms your bed into your own personal dungeon. Even better is how discreet it is. Bedspreaders can easily blend with your exercise equipment and can easily be tucked away into a luggage for a romantic getaway.

Under bed restraints can be set up with ease and allow for complete control of a partner’s body for exploring kinky fantasies along with more sensual couples play.

Best Under Bed Restraint Kits

Lux Fetish offers a range of under bed restraints that feature easy to use Velcro cuffs and removable D-ring connectors that can be attached to other bondage gear. In addition to versatility, Lux Fetish bedspreaders also include a variety of sets that feature a selection of accessories.

Bondage Bed Strap

For couples looking for a bedspreader that is the easiest to set up, the Bondage Bed Strap easily attaches to bed posts to turn one’s bed into a playground for BDSM play. The soft, fur-lined cuffs on the straps feature Velcro closures that easily attach and remain sturdy throughout play as well as extremely comfortable. Among the highlights of all bedspreader kits from Lux Fetish is that they include a blindfold that makes the action even more sensual. Have your partner wear the blindfold while you kiss and touch all over their body as their wrists are restrained.

Bedspreader Bondage Bed Strap

Bedspreader Black and Purple (7-pcs Set)

Available in stylish black and purple colors, the 7-Piece Bedspreader consists of multiple straps made of neoprene that are adjustable to comfortably secure a partner of any size to any bed. The under bed restraints’ cuffs feature Velcro closures that easily wrap around the wrist and ankles for a secure grip that can be easily removed when necessary. This set, like all other bedspreader kits from Lux Fetish, comes with a blindfold that can be used for sensation play that will send chills down your partner’s spine.

Bedspreader - Under Bed Restraint Black and Purple (7-pcs Set)

Bedspreader "Everything You Need Bondage" (20-pcs Set)

Lux Fetish is committed ensuring top value to its customers. The brand’s most robust under bed restraints set is the 20-piece set that includes an array of bondage accessories that can be used to stimulate anywhere on the body. In addition to the under bed restraints, you can choose from a pair of whips, feather ticklers, as well as more intense bondage accessories such as nipple clamps and insertable toys such as a butt plug and anal beads. This expansive kit features everything you need for a night of pleasure.

 Everything You need Bondage In-A-Box Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 20PC Set

Bedspreader "Everything You Need Bondage" (12-pcs Set)

An under bed restraints system that includes 11 additional accessories that can be used to enhance the experience is an extremely comprehensive selection that one will find endless ways to play with. The 12-piece Bedspreader Set is the perfect collection of items for a night of erotic exploration of pegging and other kinds of penetration play. This under bed restraints set features a harness and compatible strap-on dildo that comes in a beginners-friendly size. The included mask allows for exploring role play fantasies, and the included over-the-door O-Ring can turn any doorway into a play area.

 Everything You need Bondage In-A-Box Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 12PC Set

Bedspreader "Night of Romance" with Satin Cuffs (6-pcs Set)

A night of romance can be extremely intimate and sensual while also simultaneously being kinky and erotic. The Night of Romance under bed restraints set brings together the best of both worlds with silky tie cuffs that can be used to restraint a partner by the wrists and ankles. Among the bedspreaders’ included sensual accessories is a small paddle with a feather tickler on its other end that can be used to experience the pleasure of the soft material or the erotic sting of the paddle.

 Night Of Romance Satin Cuffs With Rose Petals Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 6PC Set

Bedspreader "Sensory Experience" with Wartenberg Pinwheel (7-pcs Set)

An under bed restraints system is perfect for exploring sensory play. With your partner’s wrists and ankles restrained by cuffs, this bedspreader set also includes comes with nipple clamps with soft feathers attached. You can also enjoy the sensation of the prick of the included Wartenberg Pinwheel or light the low-temperature candle to drip sensual warm wax on your partner’s body. The under bed restraints included in the Sensory Experience set will ensure that your partner doesn’t get out position.

Sensory Experience With Wartenberg Pinwheel Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 7PC Set

Bedspreader "Master/Slave Domination" Chain-Me-Up (6-pcs Set)

Explore your fantasies of being a dominant in charge of torturing a partner with orgasmic stimulation or experience the pleasure of letting go of all control. The Master/Slave under bed restraints set features all of the accessories that are needed to explore one’s role-playing and BDSM fantasies. In addition to the Lux Fetish adjustable bedspreader, the set includes accessories to wear, such as nipple pasties and a mask, along with a variety of bondage item to play with. Once your partner is all cuffed up with the included bedspreader, you get to take control.

Master-Slave Domination Chain-Me-Up Bedspreaders - Bed Restraint 6PC Set

Bedspreader "Fuzzy Lovers" (4-pcs Set)

Cuddle up with this kinky set that pairs the Lux Fetish under bed restraints system, which includes easy-to-wear Velcro cuffs and adjustable straps, with a beginners-friendly fur-lined blindfold, a fur-lined paddle that tickles as it comes in contact with the skin. This bedspreader allows you to add a bit of pain to your pleasure with included nipple clamps that can be adjusted to get the pinch that feels the most satisfying. This four-piece bedspreader set comes in a sleek black color and all of the items are discreetly sized and travel friendly.

Bedspreader "Fuzzy Lovers" (4-pcs Set)

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