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Realistic Vibrators You Need in Your Toy Box Right Now

Realistic Vibrators You Need in Your Toy Box Right Now

Realistic Vibrators

Vibrators come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. While some sex toy users prefer unique shapes that look nothing like a real penis, there are many reasons to love realistic vibrators.

These vibrators are shaped to look and feel like a real penis. They feature lifelike details like testicles and a rounded tip, as well as veins all along the shaft. We offer a wide range of realistic vibrators, including handheld styles, suction-cup base vibrating realistic dildos and strap-ons. Allow us to insert you into this world.

Health benefits of using a vibrator

Vibrators play a key role in unlocking pleasure for all kinds of users. Women and men alike can benefit from the use of a vibrating tool. There are vibrators that can be used to stimulate the clit, the G-Spot, as well as both as the same time. Additionally, vibes — including realistic vibrators — can be used for anal stimulation, which can be used to experience P-spot stimulation for males.

The benefits of a satisfying sex life (whether through sex with a partner or solo sex with a toy) are wholly felt. From improving mental health and sleep to bolstering intimacy, as well as providing pain relief, a healthy heart and improving vaginal health for women.

Treating oneself to sexual pleasure can also boost the libido. According to studies, women that are experiencing symptoms of menopause like dryness and uncomfortable tightness can improve their enjoyment of sexual penetration through the use of toys and masturbation.

Why are realistic vibrators so exciting/special?

The reason why they're are so popular is their ability to combine the lifelike sensation of being penetrated by a human penis, while putting you in control of everything else. The user of a realistic vibrator gets to fantasize about who is on the giving end of the penetrative pleasure.

On the receiving end, the user gets to feel the thrust of a lifelike member that comes complete with a realistic tip, veins along the shaft, and sometimes even balls that bounced against the entry of the orifice being penetrated. Realistic vibrators are often curved to target the G-Spot or P-Spot directly.

They come in a variety of designs with functions that include vibration in different speeds and patterns; while some styles can even incorporate more innovative functions like thrusting.

How to use realistic vibrators

Realistic vibrators are so popular because of the vast versatility that they offer. Much like a real penis, they can be used vaginally, anally and anywhere else you want a penis to be. They are typically available in sizes that are comparable to a real-life penis (even the most blessed!) and mimic the throbbing, filling sensation that people crave from a penis-having partner.

Guide to realistic vibrators:

There are a variety of realistic vibrators available here. Perfect for every type of fan of penetration, our selection of can be used to satisfy all desires. Below we break down different types of and how to find the one that is perfect for you.

Lux Fetish Realistic Vibrating Strap-Ons

Five pieces strong, Lux Fetish offers a comprehensive assortment of strap-on vibes that are realistic and ensure an orgasmic, partnered experience. Ranging in size from 6 inches to 8 inches, Lux Fetish offers realistic vibrators that are unisex like the remote-controlled Unisex Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Dildo, as well as styles that offer versatility like the 3Pc Strap-On Harness Pegging Set with Realistic Dildo. Ranging in prices from $64 to $110, you’re destined to find an affordable entry to vast pleasure from Lux Fetish’s assortment.

Lux Fetish Realistic Vibrating Dildo & Strap-on Harness Sets

Lux Fetish Hollow Strap-On Realistic Vibrators

There are many reasons to love Lux Fetish’s pair of hollow realistic vibrators. While the Unisex Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Dildo makes it possible for anyone — including penis-owners — to utilize a satisfying, girthy, silky smooth dildo to penetrate a partner, the Double Penetration version takes stimulation to a whole new level.


Lux Fetish Unisex Vibrating Hollow Strap-On Dildo


Pegasus Vibrating Pegging Dildos

Pegasus is a silky smooth collection of silicone pegging strap-on sets that are all remote-controlled. Ranging from sizes that include 6” to 8”, Pegasus realistic vibrators have a suction-cup base that allows them to easily attach to any smooth surface. Ranging in price from $120 to $136, they combine the ease of use of a stationary dildo with powerful vibrations that can be controlled remotely.

 PEGASUS Silicone Vibrating Pegging Dildos

Powercocks Realistic Vibrators

The Powercocks collection of realistic vibrators takes internal stimulation to the next level with realistic shapes paired with powerful vibrations. These stimulators are handheld to provide the ultimate in control, allowing the user to direct the pleasure internally anywhere they want. Ranging in sizes from 6” to 8”, they cost anywhere from $70 to $80, making them largely accessible to anyone craving intense internal stimulation.

  Powercocks Silicone Realistic Vibrators

Rabbit Essentials Vibrators

With their realistic details like engorged veins and perfectly smooth, round tips, Rabbit Essentials realistic vibrators deliver the feel of a real-life penis and more! The attached motors provide stimulation to the clit and anus, and Rabbit Essentials vibes also include cutting-edge features like thrusting and rotating shafts. The collection also includes a G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator with a Rotating Shaft for targeted stimulation. The vibrant purple and pink colors are fun to watch when using the toy with oneself or a partner.

 Rabbit Essentials - Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrators

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