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What is the Porn Star Experience? - Guide to Fetish by Lux Fetish

What is the Porn Star Experience?

You make it so good I don't wanna leave.

What’s your fantasy? No, really. What is that thing that you want to try, but you’re having a hard time finding someone who’s game? No matter how kinky, slutty, or downright nasty it might be for general society, to YOU it seems interesting or even desirable, and you want IN. Well, that’s where the Porn Star Experience comes in. Your dreams can come true, and there is a way to make your fantasy a reality, even if you have to make a few concessions.


What is the Porn Star Experience

PSE is the abbreviation for Porn Star Experience, coined by sex workers, and used to describe some of the unrealistic sexual requests harbored by quite a few people. Unrealistic, in this case, doesn’t mean physically impossible, but rather unconventional. In other cases, it refers to situations that are just not likely to happen without a little finesse. 

The porn star experience includes sexual acts or experiences that people assume are normal or even expected of porn stars. This can mean some kinks and fetishes for some people, and nasty slutty smutty sex for others. But it can be as simple as wanting something sexually that your partner can’t or won’t do, and outsourcing your pleasure. Some couples turn on a porn star persona to do the act, understanding that it is either a one-time-only situation or that they will only do the act as a part of the persona. The other alternative is to hire a sex worker. Both are completely normal, but make sure the communication is clear among all parties involved.


Make Your Request

The porn star experience is not new to anyone who does sex work. It’s a common request and isn’t always outlandish. For more conservative couples, oral sex could be their idea of the porn star experience. For some others, they may have a list of sex acts that they really want to try that are only found on Urban Dictionary.

Still, some things people want to do come from simply watching a lot of porn, and it’s this stuff that birthed the porn star experience name. Porn is rife with subservient horny women, and there are a lot of people that want to replicate that in the bedroom. Some people like the idea of having a plumber nailing them in every room in the house; honestly, that’s not likely to happen without prearrangement.

Additionally, in porn, we don’t get to see what happens between takes. It takes several hours to film something that makes a 5-minute video, so imagine what has to happen in the longer films. 

Of course, everyone needs a break periodically. There are fluffers for the men, and someone has to keep everyone lubed up. Bathroom, water, and food breaks, position changes, lighting changes, and switching angles are all a part of the production. And obviously, no matter how much someone may champion their stamina, men jizz eventually. If they miss the money shot, or it isn’t as dramatic as they would prefer, then they have to re-light, re-position, re-lube, re-fluff, and start all over again. None of this makes it to the screen, so when people ask for the porn star experience, it frequently has to be explained that there is a difference between what they see on the screen versus what is realistic and feasible. 


Don’t always expect a bareback

A really big ask within the world of the porn star experience is barebacking. Going raw. People don’t see condoms in porn, or they don’t see them getting put on, so their fantasy doesn’t include condoms. There are some sex workers that will do this, but most simply will not. It’s too dangerous for obvious reasons. The ones that will commonly charge a very high rate for this, require recent testing and only extend this service to long-term customers.

In fact, most sex workers that extend the porn star experience service at all, only do it for clients they’ve worked with for a while. Request from people who want to do things like golden showers, deep throat, scat play, and other acts or positions that involve fluids along with any requests for impact play, safety can be an issue. Knowing your client can be the difference between making some fun cash or getting in harm’s way. Even though people tend to look down on and degrade sex workers - even while simultaneously employing their services - no one deserves to live in fear of their client and there is no dollar amount that can or should change that.

Often when negotiating, the sex worker will find out the budget, already having in mind what they are willing to do (or not). Ultimately, the porn star experience is meant to be fun and safe for everyone involved. What might be freaky chandelier-swinging sex to one person is just Tuesday to someone else. Ain’t no shame in the game, just pay the money and do the thang!


The PSE vs The GFE

The difference between the two is simple. The Pornstar Experience offers your more hardcore, pornographic fantasies to be a reality. The Girlfriend Experience is more intimate and isn’t rushed. 

The reason there is a popularity for the girlfriend experience is that, for the hour, you’ll be loved, cuddled, massaged, and treated with that love and affection. This has recently become more popular with men. Whereas the porn star experience is really meant to satisfy those fantasies you’ve seen in your favorite porn that come with a more hefty price. 

Decide which is best for you and what you need! 

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